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Preschool children playing with educational toys.


Discover, Grow and Explore

Preschool children smiling in a classroom.


Nurturing, Warm, Inviting Classrooms

Young children sitting and smiling at their desks.


Highly Qualified Teachers

At Kid’s County, programs are designed to encourage all children to discover, grow, and explore while laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Our primary focus is meeting each child’s individual needs and fostering their growth. Children are placed in a classroom that best meets their needs and encourages them to develop at their own pace. This establishes self-confidence and healthy growth which results in a strong, positive self-image.


Discovery (6 weeks to 12 months)

We celebrate the uniqueness of every baby. To do so, we partner with you to understand your baby’s needs. We provided daily logs of feedings, changings, and updates to keep you informed on all the things—big and little—that are taking place every day for your precious little one.

Babies in the Discovery Classrooms will:

  • Have individual schedules to meet their needs
  • Take part in activities that encourage and develop fine- and gross motor skills

Learn more about our Infant Discovery Program (PDF) »


Investigators (12 months to 3 years)

Your toddler is meant to explore, take apart, put together, and question practically everything. Children in our Investigators classrooms learn through developmentally appropriate play in an environment where they can thrive.

Toddlers in the Investigators Classroom will:

  • Exercise their natural curiosity while being exposed to hands-on activities
  • Be encouraged to interact with peers to start building social skills

Learn more about our Toddler Investigators Program (PDF) »


Explorers (3 years old to 4 years old)

Preschool-age children in the Explorers Classroom understand the idea of rules and they’re learning to play with their peers. Our Explorers Classroom curriculum help children delve into different topics through age-appropriate and engaging activities.

Preschoolers in the Explorers Classroom will:

  • Experience hands-on learning daily through a wide range of activities
  • Develop fine motor skills that will help with writing and practice gross motor skills outdoors to gain better control over larger muscles

Learn more about our Preschool Explorers Program (PDF) »


Pathfinders (4 years old to 5 years old)

Children in the Pathfinders Classroom will be asked to complete more concrete tasks to ensure they’re prepared for the next step in their education. Our goal is to ensure your child has mastered all the necessary skills to enter Kindergarten by providing individual planning, challenging your child, and considering their progress.

Pre-K children in the Pathfinders Classroom will:

  • Strengthen math, science, writing, reading, arts, and physical skills through differentiation and small group activities
  • Work on mastering key Kindergarten-required skills

Learn more about our Pre-K Pathfinders Program (PDF) »

School Age

Voyagers (5 years old to 12 years old)

The Voyagers Classroom is designed to meet the unique of school-aged children. Most activities are child-led, which means students focus on their interests and move easily between activities. The children in this classroom get a balance of flexibility and structure—they have the time and space for schoolwork and fun with games, activities, and outside time.

School-age children in the Voyagers Classroom will:

  • Do homework in a quiet area and be provided help as needed
  • Enjoy learning stations for STEM, sensory explorations, and building challenges
  • Join in organized outdoor activities (kickball, soccer, tag-related games) plus reading and arts and crafts.

Learn more about our School-Age Voyagers Program (PDF) »

Summer Camp

Voyagers (5 years old to 12 years old)

Voyagers Summer Camp is all about exploring the world around us and learning about people, places, and things that many of us have only seen on TV or in books.

Voyagers (campers) have the flexibility to select from a variety of exciting topics that will take them on incredible journeys to far-off destinations where they will learn about people such as Louis Armstrong, places like the Great Wall of China, and things such as the Eiffel Tower!